New Channel Edit

See the New Channel page for the effects of this power-up.

The button to activate this will be greyed out until you reach #1 vlogger status by buying every Studio Equipment item. Once that happens, the button will display "More Info", and tapping it will show you a confirmation box with how much Prestige you stand to gain by restarting.

Diamond Power-ups Edit

Fan Event - 2 Diamonds Edit

"Get comment bonus extra fast for 5 minutes!”

This changes the rules of responding to comments for its duration. While active, it only takes 10 comments to fill the progress bar rather than 25, and new comments show up every 2.5 seconds rather than every 5 seconds.

On its own, this is a fairly good way to spend some extra diamonds, but it really shines when you are also on a 4x Clock multiplier early to mid game.

Energy Drink - 5 Diamonds Edit

“Produce videos much faster for 5 minutes!”

This makes the video timer run 40x faster for 5 minutes, getting you up to 7 complete videos in 5 minutes if you babysit the Publish button. Taps are not affected, still being worth 1 second of the timer. This effect does not stack with the Hype Train.

This is really only worth buying at very end game if that, once your videos are worth much more than you are gaining in views per second. It can also be used to get a quick Prestige or two if that is more pressing to you than using the diamonds it costs on anything else.

Sky Advertisement - 8 Diamonds Edit

"Doubles your views/s for 3 hours!”

This gives you a 2x multiplier to your views per second, but for 3 hours rather than just the 5 minutes you get with a Clock power-up.

3 hours is a worthy effect for a cost of 8 diamonds. But remember that power-up or not, after 15 minutes of being offline your views per second stop accumulating. If you keep the game on this may give you a fantastic boost, but if not it is simply passable.