Loki Awesome

New Game Plus Edit

When you reach the status of #1 vlogger in the world (achieved by buying at least one of every item in the Studio Equipment Store), you will be informed of the ability to start a New Channel. The Power-Up Store icon (the lightning bolt) will then have a star notification every time you start the app to remind you of this until you activate it.

Starting a New Channel will give you a large amount of Prestige based on your progress in the game. In exchange, you will give up all the upgrades you have bought from both the Studio Equipment Store and the Channel Marketing Store, and start fresh with zero views and videos. However, you will keep everything else, including diamonds, hats, topic ranks, stats menu records, and real-money purchases.

Amount of Prestige Gained Edit

The amount of prestige you are awarded is determined solely by your purchased items, regardless of views.

If you have bought all of the channel items you will receive 10 prestige. You will also receive one prestige for each studio item progress bar you have completed.

To maximize your prestige gains, it is therefore advisable to wait a while after getting the ability to start a new channel if you think you will be able to max out the progress bars of a few more studio items at your current level of views income.

Bugs Edit

There is currently a rather large bug related to Tasks. If you start a New Channel while your current task is to buy an end-game item, your task will remain even though you can no longer buy that item. This means you might go an entire channel's worth of time without the ability to complete tasks. Always be sure that your current task is not a purchase task before starting a New Channel.