The Channel Marketing Store is where you can buy and upgrade items to advertise your channel, increasing your passive gain of views every second. The third item on the bottom navigation bar, that looks like a megaphone, will bring you here.

Upgrading Edit

Once you buy an item, you can upgrade it for increased cost to multiply its benefit by its level. The cost goes up by 15% with each purchase, which is pretty standard for clicker games.

However, each new base item only improves in viewership gain by about 40% while being about 25% more expensive, meaning that it is only cost-effective to buy a few upgrades for each before moving on to the next one. See the table below for how many levels you should put in each before the next item gives you more gain per amount spent.

In addition, you must take into account the investment cost of each upgrade. Included in the table below is the time it takes for the base item alone to recoup its own cost, before it starts making you a true profit. This amount of time grows with each upgrade at the same rate of 15%. Keep in mind with this that your passive gains stop at 15 minutes when the game is not active. But on the other hand, if you are an active player, all of the synergies these items grant will help them break even much faster.

Items List Edit

Item Base Cost % of Next Item's Cost Views per Second Gained % of Next Item's Gain Level Before Next is Better Time Before Base Item Breaks Even
Tell Mom's Friends 25 10% 1 50% 11 25 seconds
Social Page 250 20% 2 40% 8 125 seconds
QR-code Fliers 1,250 28.7% 5 33.3% 2 250 seconds
T-shirt Marketing 4,350 21.8% 15 39.5% 5 4.8 minutes
Cross-Promotion 20,000 28.6% 38 34.5% 2 8.8 minutes
Radio Advertisement 70,000 28.6% 110 39.3% 3 10.6 minutes
Hire PR Person 245,000 28.6% 37.1 32.9% 2 14.6 minutes
Magazine Interview 857,500 27.7% 75.5 40.5% 3 17 minutes
Appear in TV Show 3.1 M 25.6% 179.1 39.6% 4 25 minutes
Crowdfunded Game 12.1 M 25.2% 435.1 33.1% 3 38 minutes
Start Controversy 48.1 M 25% 960 40% 4 50 minutes
Subway Advertisement 192.1 M 25% 2,304 33.3% 3 80 minutes
Biography Movie 768.4 M 24.8% 6,912 33.3% 3 1.8 hours
World Tour 5.7 B ----- 21,760 ----- ----- 2.4 hours

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